South Hills Honda - Unproffesionl tires

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2 comments

I anm the parts manager at south hills honda in mcmurray pa.That new manager at mcmurray ntb is very unprofessional I will not buy tires there again actually I caaled carmen in bethel park pa.I will buy them there.Brian is his name and beleve me the way he talked to me and our staff are you kidding ntb this guy is very uneducated and rude.And in peters twp.he wont last and neiyher will ntb the people are going to put up with his *** i will be sure to tell evryone but i am sure they will find out for theirself.

Review about: Unprofessional Realtors.



I like u u like E lets shoot coke untill we pee. Were a coke head family :x


Sears no longer owns ntb. They are now owned by Sumitomo Tire (a Japenese tire company.) They just dont advertise that they are now Japenese owned and have been for quite awhile!!!

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